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Rich Ferguson Tricks e-Book


Ferguson Playing Cards PLUS Magic Tricks e-Book!

e-Book: This e-book pdf download is a 30 page book teaching tricks for people of any age & any skill level. There are tricks anyone can do with no practice. Some extra tricks are designed specific to our unique playing cards. However, most of the effects can be done with any deck. You will see the download link immidiately after checkout.

Hidden Secrets of Rich Ferguson Cards
5 Easy to Learn Techniques
10 Great Tricks Anyone can do! Tips & Ideas

Optional Cards + e-Book (see store): These are the highest quality cards available!
Casino Grade! Triple Layer, Full Size, Air Cushion Finish...
Made exclusively by the United States Playing Card Company!

Perfect for Poker and any Card Player or Magician!
Any Age, Any Skill Level!

Magic Tricks/Features:
Secret "One Way" Design
Bar code reads; "QU33N of H34RT5"
Duplicate Gaff Joker with 7 of Diamonds Prediction
Duplicate Back with 3 of Clubs Prediction
Ace of Diamonds Predictions
Jack of Spades Prediction
Secret number for Mind Reading Trick
Plus other tricks!

Modern Bicycle Card Case Design
"Magician Catching Card" Joker
Rich Ferguson Magic Hands Back "Escher" Design
Comes with Rich Ferguson Bio Card
Comes with Deck and Magic Trick Info Card
Wrapped in USPC clear wrap with USPC Seal
Standard USPC Faces and Ace of Spades!
Extra Gaff Joker/Back

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