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Ferguson Playing Cards - "The Ice Breaker" - Bicycle Cards


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These are the highest quality cards available!
Casino Grade! Triple Layer, Full Size, Air Cushion Finish...
Made exclusively by the United States Playing Card Company!

Perfect for Poker and any Card Player or Magician!
Any Age, Any Skill Level!

The "hidden" items for use in tricks such as the bar code, the duplicate joker and marking on the back of the card are designed for non-magicians mostly. The downloadable pdf attached to your order will explain the basics. For some simply tricks, you might opt to get the e-book. Optional 30 page e-Book of fun tricks you can easily do! - $4.95 (See store for details)
Optional 30 page e-Book PLUS Cards! - $8.95 (See store for details)

Magic Tricks/Features:
• Secret "One Way" Design
• Bar code reads; "QU33N of H34RT5"
• Duplicate Gaff Joker with 7 of Diamonds Prediction
• Duplicate Back with 3 of Clubs Prediction
• Ace of Diamonds Predictions
• Jack of Spades Prediction
• Secret number for Mind Reading Trick
• Plus other tricks!

• Modern Bicycle Card Case Design
• "Magician Catching Card" Joker
• Rich Ferguson Magic Hands Back "Escher" Design
• Comes with Rich Ferguson Bio Card
• Wrapped in USPC clear wrap with USPC Seal
• Standard USPC Faces and Ace of Spades!
• Extra Gaff Joker/Back

The deck of cards does not come with the optional e-book of tricks unless purchased together. This high quality deck of cards does include all the "hidden" features and predictions which can be used in endless ways. We provide an additional e-book full of fun tricks. See the contents below if you are interested in the e-book. It is very likely that you already know how to use a "one-way" deck, a gaff Joker, and predictions that are obvious on the markings and case.

e-Book Table of Content

Card Terminology and Legend

Chapter 1 - Hidden Secrets of the Rich Ferguson Deck, Explained
One-Way Back Design Secret
Secret Bar Code
Duplicate Joker & Gaff
Ace of Diamond Prediction
Jack of Spades and 1089 Predictions

Chapter 2 - Techniques and Forces 101
Card Force: Criss Cross Cut
Card Force: The Hindu Shuffle
Card Force: The Overhand Shuffle
Flipping the Deck While Squaring the Pack
Flipping the Deck by Spreading the Cards

Chapter 3 - Easy Magic Tricks
The Profiler (using one-way marking)
Liar! (using one-way marking)
Bet You! (using one-way marking)
Telepathy (using one-way marking)
Moving Finger (using one-way marking)
Joker's Wild (using one-way marking)
Flip Flap - (using card force)
Back Rub - (using card force)
Bar Code - (using card force)
Number Magic - (1089)
Other Tips and Ideas

While you are here, try your luck at our card throwing game!

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