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NOTICE!!: MOST of our products are SOLD BY OTHERS and in stores worldwide.
MOST of your order questions need to be directed to THAT particular store. This site is a convenient collection of all Rich Ferguson Merch available from many places!

If you happen to order from US directly for applicable products, see below:
Q: Do you Ship Internationally?
A: YES. We ship to hundreds of countries.

Q: Where's my download?
A: A message and link appears immediately after your order in placed directly on your order page. If you close out, you can come back any time and log into your account and access any of your orders and downloads. You get up to five attempts for downloads. If paying with PayPal, be sure to click the return to merchant link after your order is completed in PayPal. Please provide all your order information. If you call and leave a message, your message will have to be relayed and likely not include all the information the shipper needs to resolve your question.

Q: Do you accept Cashiers Checks or Money Orders?
A: Yes. Legit Money Orders or Cashiers Checks from Banks, Stores or the Post Office. Just mail to our address on the contact page along with appropriate total, shipping, full address and items. We do not accept personal checks.

Q: What if I get disconnected during download?
A: There is no problem as we give you several attempts to download any digital products. Log back in anytime after your internet is working properly. Our system will keep track of all your order info, downloads and options.

Q: Do the DVDs play in other countries?
A: Yes. These are "region/Zone Free" type DVDs. They are not locked to one region.

Q: Do the DVDs work on Game Systems?
A: YES. If you can play DVDs, you're set!

Q: How much is shipping?
A: See specials. For most orders, shipping is $5 Flat Rate Priority US & $20 Flat Rate Priority Internationally.

Q: When do you ship?
A: We try to ship SAME DAY if orders come to us early enough to get ready (by 3pm). At times, we are involved with TV, Appearances, Bookings and may have a slight delay in shipping. You will receive an email with all your order information.

Q: How long does my order take to arrive to me?
A: 1-4 days within the US. 7-10 days Internationally, plus varied times in customs The United States Postal Service
has removed the Global Priority Service and is now offering Priority Mail International.
Depending on your carier in your country and customs, times can vary by several days.

Q: Do you Ship to P.O. Boxes and Military Bases?
A: Yes. Very often items go to P.O. Boxes and Military Bases via Priority Post Office.

Q: How do I get a signature from Rich Ferguson?
A: Send a card or what you want signed to our address on the contact page. Be sure to include a self address return envelope with postage.

Q: Is Rich Ferguson available for interviews and bookings?
A: Of course. Rich's primary job is that of private engagements, inventing and consulting. Go to Rich Ferguson’s Official Site for details.