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Show Information

Show Information / Hire Celebrity Magician / Book Strolling Entertainment
for private VIP parties, wedding receptions, tradeshows & corporate events!

Rates range depending on the type of event, location, customization and much more. Please contact us so we can give you the best value possible based on your needs! Please use this client form to provide us with all your appropriate information when booking Rich.

Please inquire for availablity and rate options for local events or non-profit functions

Cocktail Package Full Event Package VIP: Custom Corporate Magic
Perfect for Intimate Events or Receptions
Up to 2.5 Hours of Mingling Magic
Great Additon to Multi-Day Events
Award Winning Sleight of Hand Magic
Perfect for VIP Parties & Company Events
3-5 Hours of Mingling Magic & Mentalism*
Stage Demonstration Available*
Experienced with CEO & Celebrity Events
Worldwide Travel Available*
Perfect for Annual Events or Trade-Shows
Stage Demonstration Available*
Arrives One Hour to One Day Early
Custom Magic for Presentations or as MC
Experienced with CEO & Celebrity Events
Worldwide Travel Available*

* Rates range depending on scope of show, customization, travel and preparation. Extra fees for extra performance hours, travel days/time, travel expenses, premium dates, additional entertainers and custom shows may apply.
You are paying for a highly specialized service and type of entertainment as well as Rich's reputation and status. Our rates are highly competitive or below any regionally, nationally or internationally known magicians and mentalists.

Other entertainers and options are available regionally and nationally. Please contact us!

private events
entertainment for private events
Make your next Special Event a blast by having Rich Ferguson interact up close and personal with your special guests! A party just isn't complete without something unique for the guests to experience. From improv comedy to pick-pocketing and from sophisticated mind reading to award winning sleight of hand magic, your guests will rave about how great your party was for years to come! This is sophisticated, MINGLING MAGIC at it's best! -No event is too small, large or far away!

>> Watch Rich in Action! >> Watch Client Testimonials
private events
entertainment for private events
From the smallest company parties to the largest corporate events in the world, Rich can break the ice, present Custom Magic and make the event special, personal and memorable for shareholders, employees and company heads. Here, Rich is performing his unbelievable mind reading to Todd Harbaugh, VP of Sam's Club at their annual Shareholders event and rally.

>> Watch our Corporate Video! >> Watch Client Testimonials

wedding receptions
entertainment for wedding receptions
USA Today revealed that "nearly 100% of brides WISH they would have spent more of their budget on entertainment!"

Having Rich mingle and break the ice with guests is an invaluable part of your reception! Classy, sophisticated and subtle... Rich is a great necessity while people wait for the bride and groom to take pictures or to make it to their table! DOES NOT take away from the bride & groom!

>> Visit our Wedding Site! >> Featured in Here Comes The Bride >> Watch Client Testimonials
VIP parties celebrity events
jay leno back stage with Rich Ferguson at private event
Trust, respect, discretion, commitment, flexibility, experience and mind blowing entertainment even the most experienced partygoers have not witnessed can be expected by Rich Ferguson. Rich knows quite well the difficulties, from security to guest comfort, that make a difference for VIP's. From top celebrities and politicians to CEO's and producers, Rich has been brought back again and again to impress special guests who rave about the personal experience Rich creates!

Rich is familiar with background security checks and has current Live Scan.

>> Please see our Media & Celebrity Slideshow >> Watch Client Testimonials
tradeshow, exhibits, apple, magic
entertainment at apple - tradeshow, exhibits, apple, magic
Want to increase sales? Want to impress and excite clients or partners? Rich has a very clever and engaging way of presenting product information through his ingenious combination of magic, mentalism and comedy "infotainment"! Your clients or workers will never forget the important information that you want to get across and the best time they had with your company! At the CEO party or at your booth, it's a must.

Make your next Corporate event or Trade Show
successful and memorable! "Get RICH" today!

>> Watch our Corporate Tradeshow Video! >> Watch Client Testimonials
television, tv and movies
rich ferguson stage magic
How do you present sleight of hand to thousands of people? Serious events need serious audio visual support. When you already have it, why not add the mind-blowing fun of sleight of hand magic. (Although we do not offer traditional "stage magic shows", we have other entertainers available for illusion or comedy stage shows as well.)

This particular shot was from the Salzburg Arena in Austria. Rich was doing poker related seminars and performed on stage for thousands of poker fans. Everyone loves "close-up" magic. This is a way to share it with everyone!

Rich offers motivational programs, presentations on body language & sales and one on one training.

Motivational Programs Body Language & Influence Programs One on One Training & Consulting
Starting at $0-$5000*
Starting at $0-$5000*
Starting at $150/h or per project*
Geared toward "At Risk" Youth
Groups, Schools or Academies
30 Minute - 2 Hour Programs
Perfect for Sale or Management
Body Language & NLP in Sales
Ideal at Retreats, Meetings, Conventions
One on One Training via Web Worldwide
Business & Marketing Consulting
Perfect for Entertainers or Business Owners

* Extra fees for travel, expenses, premium dates and custom shows may apply.

motivational speaking
body language sales training workshop
Body Language and Influence for Sales or Management

"The Magic of Body Language: It's No Illusion", covers Strategy in Sales, Psychology in Marketing, NLP and much more. Programs from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours. 60 minutes covers one area - body language or influence. The full program shows how these two sciences work together. It's in depth, real-world application perfect for any retreat, staff training, convention or company meeting. Rich also shares his secrets to creating and capitalizing on opportunities.

>> Full Details about "The Magic of Body Language" Presentations
motivational speaking
motivational speaker, keynote speaker
Magic Makers™ is a motivational presentation by Magician Rich Ferguson which includes entertaining and eye opening looks at overcoming obstacles, attitude, purpose, learning and intelligence. It's goal is to encourage youth to discover their own "magic" and to embrace challenge. See how his observations may make a big impact on the magic in your life and the kids we work with.

>> Full Details about Rich's Motivational Keynote Program

television, tv and movies
rich ferguson and clany brown at HBO event
Rich is a member of several Film Commissions and other Film groups. Rich is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts-The Magic Castle, Hollywood and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Rich offers original and custom magic, writing, acting and consulting. If your project needs magical entertainment, mentalism, acting, comedy, street magic, gambling stunts, chip tricks or rare shots of clever and difficult cheats with cards, contact Rich to help. Think of how your project could benefit from the amazing skills and creativity of Rich's world-class magic and comedy!

>> Mixing Magic with a Presentation >> Commercial Consulting plus Magic
motivational speaking
motivational speaker, humor, awareness, team building
Are you an inspiring magician, salesperson or presenter?

Want to master psychology, marketing, sales tricks, bookings, sleight of hand or mentalism? One on One training is available through Skype, Facetime or in person in some areas. Book a training session by contacting me via my contact form or email to arrange a timeslot. Rates are $150/h.

>> Watch One on One Training Video >> Watch Video Testimonial
motivational speaking
motivational speaker, humor, awareness, team building
Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker" is also known in some parts as "Idea Man". From inspection to brainstorming and logos to inventions, using someone outside the box might be what your project needs!

From products to performers, Rich has worked with some of the best. Take advantage or Rich's unique use of strategy, psychology, observation and overall trickery!

>> Visit The Idea Man site!

tricks you'll see
Rich's humorous and original magic has enchanted audiences all over the world. He's the perfect Magician for Your Party! Rich combines magic, hypnosis and mentalism to create a style of magic that is highly intriguing and sets him apart from the rest as a world-class magician. His slogan is "Where Magic & Mentalism Join Hands." He performs for high profile events, award shows, magic clubs, theatres and his hands are used as extras in movies for cheats, gambling, hustles, pick pockets and various manipulations. He’s currently the premium hospitality magician for corporate shows all over the US and throughout the world. Award Winning Magician Rich Ferguson is currently showcased as one of the ten best magicians in the world at!

Some of the crazy things that could happen at an event right under your nose... (besides your guests remembering your event for the rest of their lives because of Rich's engaging personality and sophisticated and fun approach!)

TO WATCH FULL TRICKS, visit our Media Page or YouTube.

• A chosen card that is signed by the spectator ends up in the most impossible places!-Back in the card case that sits on the table, under your glass, in Rich's shoe, in Rich's pocket, in your pocket, stuck on the ceiling, inside a sealed envelope or just about any place YOU want it to be.

guy freaking out over magic trick

• A word you think of is found printed on YOUR body!

hot girls writing on arm magic

• A borrowed dollar bill is taken, the serial number is noted, then the dollar is torn up and restored clearly and slowly and each piece is examined before being restored to its original, perfect condition!
• Rubber bands a clearly examined and still slowly pass through each other
• Somebodies watch is found in Rich's pocket inside a sealed envelope!

watch stolen from spectator

• Time stops on your command.
• Smoke rises from a card as it appears on the other side of the window, vanishes or changes.
• Money, string, cards are torn apart and restored in front of your eyes.

mismade dollar trick

• Money is transformed into another denomination or with Rich's picture on it.
• The hands of a watch are removed and replaced through the watch face!
• Money handed out and verified by serial number appears back in your wallet!

• A random wire bends into the card, number, word you are thinking of!.
• Incredible demonstrations of body language and influence...Rich will know who is holding the hidden object by using body language,
• Control all of your choices through influence. Have a prediction that matches every decision you make.
• Demonstrate many of the classic cheats used in gambling!
• Solid steel rings link and unlink in a variety of visual ways! Even you get to do it!

linking rings

• Have a card change in mid air while you are looking at it.
• Demonstrate one handed shuffles and many other dexterous stunts like having 16 poker chips end up dividing equally two by two between all the fingers on Rich's hands.
• Have any card named out loud appear in any way YOU want...pull it out of mid air, have it jump out of the deck, fly several stories into the air, be on top of the deck, be on the bottom of the deck, the second card, the third card-any card, cut to it etc. Not many magicians could allow the audience to make that kind of decision!
• Burn a stick of paper and it will instantly transform into a flower or candy cane...for the lady.
• A word that you think of appears in the most unusual places!

word appears on vehicle

• Coins, cards, borrowed objects like money, credit cards, fruit...vanish or appear instantly.
• Demonstrate classic street scams like three card monte, the shell game, fast and loose.
• Rich pull out hilarious gags at unexpected moments...just as it is getting serious and Rich has somebody look at word on any page of a book, they may say they can not see the small print very well-so bam!-Rich present a pair of glasses or a funny eyeball to help out!
• Influence ones ability to lift a light person. When Rich says they can't, they can't. When Rich says they can, they can!
• Have objects or cards vanish, appear or switch from your OWN closed hands!
• Using language techniques, figure out an image in your own mind!
• Rich levitates himself or small objects within an arms length of you!
• Coins and cards will travel to locations you decide on the table.
• Rich tells detailed stories using every last card in a shuffled deck!
• Borrowed rings will be tied onto a rope by you and will instantly be on Rich's finger or in his key purse.
• Several chosen and signed cards will rise out of deck then end up in a sealed envelope in front of your eyes.
• He will demonstrate the ability of your own mind to fool you using words, numbers and body language.
• Rich excites your guests with fire from his hands from nowhere!
• Knows the exact word you are thinking of and tells you what page and location to find it in a dictionary.

tv host freaks out over magic mind reading

And much much more!

magic eye rich ferguson
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