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Need a fresh, honest opinion?
Can't figure out where to start?
Need to get to the next level?
Want to fix a problem?
Sometimes it takes just one person outside your circle to see things clearly.

You need a person with detailed observational skills, incredible intuition, clever thinking, resourcefulness and connections to other appropriate professionals... a person that individuals in the community and companies alike come to for help. Meet Idea Man! He's here to solve your problems!

Just some "ideas" of how Idea Man can help!

Consulting • Brainstorming • Problem Solving • Assessment • Evaluation
Sales or Body Language Training & Presentations for Business
Online Strategy • Social Media • Website Function
Slogans • Logos • Taglines
Ad Design • Content • Concepts • Psychology Tips • Framing
TV and Radio Commercial Concepts
Product Presentations • Custom Trade Shows
Event Entertainers • Event Planning
Efficiency, Workflow and Employee Observation and Reporting, "Secret Shopper"
Fabrication • Inventing

Even if you have a project or presentation that is "complete", perhaps getting a Non-bias, Confidential, Honest Opinion from a "master of observation" is needed. Nothing is worse than missing an important tip because people too close to your project miss potential issues or overlook the obvious.

How does it work? What's it cost?

It is simple! You call (805) 543-0251 or email Idea Man at It is absoltely FREE to start a conversation. Idea Man will quickly know if he can add great value to your project by evaluating your specific needs.

Everything is confidential and signing a non-disclosure is quite satisfactory for new ideas and developments!
If Idea Man thinks there are some exciting possibilities, we decide together to what level you want to take things and Idea Man starts getting creative!

Basic starting fee for concepts, strategy, evaluations, design, logos, ads, observations, etc is $65/hour - however the scope and budget would depend on your project and needs. Large projects will be handled case by case.

If Idean Man can not "connect the dots" to any reasonable degree, there is NO CHARGE. Every project is different and has to be handled with care and individual consideration.

Idea Man does it all?

Remember, an idea is one thing...and sometimes the most important seed - but building, designing or presenting is another. Depending on the project, it may be quite appropriate to have Idea Man take charge! In other cases, you'll want a team of writers, printers, graphic designers, programers, researchers and more. Idea Man has a close circle of the best of the best in each field to refer you to and/or work with on a variety of projects. We will all know at the beginning of your project if Idea Man is taking on start up direction and concepts or full design and completion tasks.

Idea Man is more of an intuitionist... taking experience, observations, clever thinking, "street smarts", deducting and the ability to adapt quickly to attack unknown projects.

In no time, you'll be saying, "Great Idea Man!"

"I approached the Idea Man with a problem with my invention. I was blown away with creativity and ability rectifying issues with video production and frustrating web-site glitches. Thank you Rich."
- Ryan, inventor of Jayhandle, revolutionary carrying system

"Our 7th grade Destination Imagination group needed to work an optical illusion into our skit and Rich was great! He came and watched our performance and worked with us to design an illusion that would fit. Idea Man, you rock!"
- Emily Claxton

"Rich. You are an invaluable "partner" in my businesses. Your creativity is off the charts and is only tempered by the rational, practical recommendations you suggest as we discuss my business issues. I couldn't recommend you more highly. I ALWAYS come away from our time together saying, "Wow, great idea man!""
- Jim Richardson, Founder, The Power of 10 Event

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