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From ideas for logos to consulting top performers and from product presentations to inventions, Idea Man can help the individual or company alike!
Below are a huge variety of projects Rich has been brought in to consult with, design or has created soley.

custom magic for apple

As a magician, Mac lover, inventor and overall gadget geek, Idea Man soley created an unique experience for guests at Apple stores, Apple Trade Shows and Apple corporate events. Combining magic, Apple products and technology, Idea Man has created "Macgician", "Macgic" and "iMagic" tricks with the iPhone... including the "Mac plus Magician" logo/design seen here.

Idea Man created the concept for a campaign for Kraft involving people playing with Ritz crackers, Oreo cookies and more. With a love for cards, manipulating poker chip and poker, the campaign Idea Man created revolved around hip looking people at parties betting and playing with the crackers as if they were poker chips. "All in!" followed by stacks of yummy cookies going to the winner of the poker hand!

Idea Man, AKA Rich Ferguson, has worked for AT&T as a performer at corporate events. Idea Man entertained many of the primary people within the company and heard of the potential merge of Cingular and AT&T. One thing led to another and Idea Man offered the idea of the Cingular logo flying around and around creating the swirls for the "New AT&T". ... Sort of like Superman circling the earth!

From auditions, community talents shows to consulting with top acts, Idea Man has had paths cross numerous time with America's Got Talent. In 2011, Rich was asked to be a creative consultant for acts in the top 48 quarterfinals. From magic effects to dangerous stunts, it was a great season!

Ellusionist is the biggest creator of magic instructional material and more. They just finished working with VH1 on a huge special and are always creating exciting things for the entertainment world. Idea Man has created many effects, instructional DVDs and magic effect exclusively for Ellusionist and the magic community.
nbc phenomenon

Rich was a top 20 finalist on NBC's Phenomenon. His more intimate style of engaging entertainment might not have taken him to victory on this particular show format, but his observational and deducting abilities helped with moderating part of an NBC forum to create better shows in the future. Rich was also called on by top 10 contestants for specialized help in development.
american idol winner

Terry Fator is the man! He won America's got Talent! Idea Man thought of something special (and will remain secret) that could revolutionize quality ventriloquism as we known it. Idea Man's outlook, observation and way of evaluating a problem comes from constant "magic" thinking. Huge variety of projects can benefit from having a "tricky" thinking person on board!

Ultrex Business Solutions has hired Rich for several private and company events. As a leader in business solutions, they brought Idea Man in to create a series of custom magic presentations revolving around their products and technology. From company exhibits and mixers to trade shows, the "Magic of Ultrex" is a hit.

Idea Man soley created, produced and hosts the best selling playing card and chip handling DVDs on the market. Sold worldwide in multiple languages and distributed by VAS, WEA/Warner, this instructional DVD series is a huge seller in gift stores, gaming shops, magic shops and many mainstream stores like Costco! Pick up a set of these as a gift or for yourself and learn everything imaginable with cards and chips. This is not "magic" but rather an encyclopedic set of over 170 lessons from shuffling cards to showing off with chips and cards.

Several non-profits call upon Rich Ferguson for his creativity, passion and support for kids fundraising programs. From creating radio spots, tv commercials and keynote speaking messages, Rich can be counted on to connect with important issues. There is a Telly award winning documentary about Idea Man (Rich Ferguson) at shown at events for groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dream for Kids.

Idea Man was called in special to consult during the World Series of Poker on psychology and tricks at the poker table. Idea Man's talent is playing with people's minds... which comes in very handy when creating nearly anything. Being able to stay a step ahead of the competition is what it is all about! Idea Man also created dozens of columns and artwork for leading poker and gaming magazines like Gear, Poker Listings, Betfair, Bluff and more.

Rich Ferguson, 2008's "Best Entertainer", created Central Coast Talent in efforts to help promote BBBS. With a desire to create a venue to bring the community together in a healthy and creative way, Rich created an event for kids of all ages. In turn, our local kids help raise money and awareness for kids matched in the BBBS system! "Our community has been asking for something fun and entertaining like this!" The winner gets a spot on America's Got Talent.

Full branding identity, logos, websites, artwork, taglines and more for "The Eco Guru", "Traci Ferguson", "Dating Tricks Revealed", "Official Poker" and all marketing within Rich Ferguson Entertainment family of companies and sites.
full tilt poker consulting

Full Tilt Poker called on Rich to create workshops for 10,000 fans at conventions in Europe where players learned Chip Tricks, Card Stunts, Body Language and more. As an author on the subject, an award winning mentalist and host of numerous poker DVDs, Rich was a perfect fit for acting as host and creative consultant for the job! Rich also created a custom stage show to showcase the entertainment and lessons.
balance bracelet

The amazing Balance Bracelet, known for promoting overall health and well being and worn by countless sports stars and celebrities is being pitched nationally by The Idea Man. Rich was chosen and the spokesperson for national commercials and campaigns. See Video Sample.
the power of ten event

"Rich. You are an invaluable "partner" in my businesses. Your creativity is off the charts and is only tempered by the rational, practical recommendations you suggest as we discuss my business issues. I couldn't recommend you more highly. I ALWAYS come away from our time together saying, "Wow, great idea man!" - The Power of 10 Event

Available through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, Blank Gag Books has the best collection of gag gift books for every occasion! From Father's day, graduation, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, weddings, office, romance to politics, we have something for everyone! Completely created, produced and designed by "The Idea Man." See the book series website at

Scam School is one of the hottest shows out there and IdeaMan has been a guest and creative consultant to this very popular show. From magic, scams, bar bets and mind reading, Scam School teaches everyday people how to have a blast with friends.

Coast Hill Credit Union and Data Base Marketing brought "The Idea Man" in for creative consulting in addition to his magical skills for TV spots. The marketing campaign included this magical Super Bowl Commercial.

Sam's Club needed a custom presentation for a shareholders meeting. Every effect was built custom for their show incorporating that years message. In addition, "The Idea Man" performed and provided a variety of entertainers for the parties outside the meeting. Here's a custom corporate video showcasing the Sam's Club presentation.

...and hundreds of similar examples from sales, ads, products, inventions, movies and personal solutions by thinking outside the box.

Idea Man has been involved with creating concepts for tv shows, books, inventions, ads, community programs, designing hypnosis shows and more.

Here are some other projects Idea Man has developed independently. Details can not be disclosed, but you'll get the "idea" that his interests and talents are quite wide. Idea Man has invented a device for bikes, electric vehicles and mopeds to help in traffic. Idea Man recently created a smart product pertaining to contact lense cases. He also designed a clever and descrete device for women to carry personal needs. Recently, a childrens related music project was slated for developement... a fantastic change to ZipLock styled baggies, bandaids, social site, musical instrument for kids, video game, television shows and a virtual office assistant software to just name a few things Idea Man has created from noticing the world around him functioning with more effort than necessary.

Idea Man just might be the piece to your team you are looking for.

Remember, Idea Man works very closely with the best graphic designers, web professionals, printers and more if the scope is outside our design abilities. It's really about the IDEAS. Let Idea Man help start you of in the right direction and quickly point you to the other pros who might serve you best!

In no time, you'll be saying, "Great Idea Man!"

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