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Greetings, my name is Rich Ferguson. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I think a little more outside the box than most... and why you might want me on board for your project.

First of all, you might know me as an entertainer. The very reason I chose to become a "magician" of sorts is because of the constant creative outlet and way of thinking used in magic. In the 90's, I had a very high paying "corporate" type job and it didn't fulfill my creative side. Prior and during the "corporate" job, I struggled to put myself through college for over 8 years as a mechanical engineer. I changed careers to be able to use my unique observational and strategic skills full time with magic and consulting. My rare type of entertainment seemed to be the answer. The method to my magical madness involves attacking opportunities, looking for clues, staying a step ahead of others and generally adapting to unknown situations. This type of ability is something I was born with and/or was instilled with at a very early age out of pure survival. Being on my own for the first 11 years of my life taught me to
adapt quickly to environments and be resourceful. When put in the protective services at 11 and adopted very soon after, I was tested to see where I should be placed in school. Ironically, I could not read very well but was tested in the college level on nearly everything. To me, it was a gift that I went through great childhood struggles and learned how the world worked on my own and ... those common sense traits are very useful in handling nearly any obstacle in life and business.

As well as booking entertainment and creating intimate magic, I create large scale effects for other entertainers, invent, consult and always try to figure out how to do something more clever or more simple. These skills are essential in my quest as "Idea Man"! In addition, I've taught business professionals, entertainers, sales teams and athletes all around the world psychology to help with marketing or sales. When I combine the tangible, mechanical ideas with observation and psychology, the results can be surprising.

I do not accept what I see or hear as "the way it is". I am fortunate to have detailed observational skills, incredible intuition, resourcefulness... My entire life I was the guy people came to for ideas, misplaced items, sticky situations, negotiations and general "how to". The biggest gift I have is being able to assess a situation that I've never been in before and come to efficient results. Some might call it great "street smarts". Others might call it "clever". Friends call it "freakishly observant". I call it a way of thinking, observing and deducting... more like a way of life and attitude.

All that said, thanks for stopping by and I hope I can help or inspire you in your project. If there is one thing I'm "supposed" to be doing, that is figuring out puzzles around me with an approach of common sense and street smarts!

My interests, skills and experiences are all over the map, but as far as specific business recognition, I've been honored with the 40 under 40 Award for business excellence, 20 under 40, as well as the Everest Award for personal achievement, just to name a few. If you want to learn more about my awards and personal achievements, please check out my official website at

I look forward to meeting with you!

In no time, you'll be saying, "Great Idea Man!"

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